COVID-19 Update for our clients

May 15th,2020

To our valued clients:

The world is evolving…..
COVID-19 update

We are pleased and excited with the government regulations allowing us and other veterinary facilities to expand the services we can provide starting Tuesday, May 19th. We are currently reviewing our policies set in place to gradually expand our services for the safety of your family and ours. Vaccination clinics will be starting later next week and our regular services will take some time to return to normal. We will update our clients through this page, and our website, and major updates and our formal newsletters will also be emailed to clients. Please be patient with us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

April 15th 2020

To our valued clients:

The world is evolving…..
COVID-19 update

How quickly our lives have changed! It has almost been six weeks since we put out our first COVID related newsletter, and we want to thank you, our clients, for your support and understanding. We have implemented many precautionary measures to safeguard not only yourselves, our patients, our staff but also our community. We are continuing to modify and update procedures for your safety. For those of you who have had reason to visit the clinic during the last six weeks you will know how hard our staff have been working to service your pet’s needs. They all work willingly, diligently, cheerfully, and out of compassion for you our clients and your furry friends. We are extremely thankful for the great team we have!

As you are all aware the veterinary industry has been deemed an essential service by our government. Under the current revised guidelines we are now only allowed to provide critical care to our patients, which means that many of our routine services have had to be delayed until a future time. Routine health exams, wellness and routine bloodwork, heartworm testing and routine annual vaccinations fall into the category of non-urgent services at this time. As soon as we are able to offer these services again, we will call you for an appointment.

We will continue to ensure that puppies and kittens boosters and juvenile vaccinations, are looked after as these are very important to the health and well-being of your young pets.

We will continue to provide care for sick animals and critical cases. We will service your emergency situations to the best of our ability as we have always done.

It is extremely important with the upcoming Flea, Tick and Heartworm season that your pets are protected with preventative medicine and we will continue to offer products. We are seeing an increase in positive cases of Lyme disease so that is why testing is so important and even though we cannot test now it must still be done later in the season. If your pet is due for a 4DX test this year, we will monitor the situation and call you for an appointment when we are able. Ticks are active at temperatures above Zero degrees so it is important that you purchase and start your medication now. Heartworm preventative products should be started May 1st.

Food orders and medication refills will be taken by phone and we will advise you when the food or medication is ready for pick up. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for all medication refill requests to allow our staff time to get your order ready. We are still experiencing some delays in receiving some products from our suppliers that are totally out of our control. We ask that you continue to phone ahead to ensure we have product in stock before you come to the clinic. Please do not stock pile food – our suppliers have put some limits on the quantities we are allowed to purchase and we do want to be able service everybody’s needs for their pets.

When you are notified the food or medication that you have ordered is ready for pick up, you can pay for your purchase by phone ahead of time. For your convenience we are continuing to accept e-transfer payments or Visa/Master Card transactions that can be processed over the phone and ahead of time. Ask us for more information regarding e-transfer payments if you are unsure of the procedure. We are unable to process over the phone debit card payments. For the immediate future we would prefer to limit cash transactions. Upon arrival at the clinic please call us, stay by your vehicle and a staff member will bring your purchases outside to you.

As you know from previous updates, we are no long allowing clients into our hospital, unless it is an exceptional circumstance, such as a euthanasia. When you arrive at the clinic we ask that you call us from the parking lot so that one of our staff members can bring your pet inside for an examination. Please help our staff by having your pet readily accessible to them, so that we do not have to reach inside your vehicles. All dogs should be on leashes, and cats in carriers. Our doctor will communicate with you by phone. Please help us serve you better by refraining from using your cell phone while you wait so that we can connect with you in a timely manner.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or email us at
We are experiencing a higher than normal volume of calls to the clinic and our staff are working hard to answer them in a timely manner. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding at this time. We are doing everything in our power to help you and your pets during these exceptional times.

We hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy.

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