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Animals Homeward Bound

PO Box 640, RR#4, Rockwood, Ontario, NOB 2KO
Tel: 519-856-9002
Fax: 519-856-2646

“This organization has gradually evolved over the last few years. Through the Rockwood Veterinary Clinic, under the guidance of myself Dr. Clare Maine, we discovered a need to provide care for both injured and orphaned wildlife and domestic species. We are no longer able to take in wildlife, but we can help to relay information regarding rehabilitation services in the area.

First, let’s address the wildlife concerns. Over the years many injured and orphaned wildlife of various species have found their way to us in need of care. We have been able to raise, and fund suitable rehabilitation for many orphans and heal those in need of medical assistance. The important work of protecting our natural species is a responsibility we all should share. The dedicated volunteers, who help us in our work, recognize a need to set the balance of nature straight. As we encroach upon the environment around us, the need will always be there to help the animals we displace. The requirements of these efforts are constant. All help is volunteered and our costs are limited to housing, medicines and food supplies, but our lack of funding limits the work we can do.

The domestic species of homeless and/or injured animals attracted our attention through the efforts of many rescue organizations we are affiliated with. We are NOT a “humane society”. Our goal is to help those animals that need specific medical care. Take for example the stray dog with the broken leg or stray cat that needs caesarian surgery. Most rescue organizations cannot afford the care necessary and hence these needy animals are euthanized. We are not suggesting that all injured or homeless animals can be saved, but each case should be evaluated individually, with the goal of being returned to its natural habitat or loving family home.

We are a non-profit organization run strictly on volunteer labor and donations. Your support is applied directly to animals in need! Call 519 856 9002 or check out our website for further information on how you can help.”